Jennifer Pattison

In Sight Of My Skin is a series of nude portraits of women made after a ten-year absence from taking pictures.

The process of making this work took me on a highly personal journey. I noticed I was only interested in making portraits of women, who in my view appeared confident about their bodies. This series was not about presenting all female body types; I was operating like a collector, gathering images of women whose appearance and attitude I coveted. Was I only interested in a slim female form, why was that?

The project provoked me to question what was influencing my choices in who I wanted to photograph. From the safe position behind my camera I was able to process thoughts I had about my body, myself.

The women I photographed demonstrated deep trust and spoke honestly about their bodies and how it felt being photographed naked. This honesty seemed to be reflected back to me through the cameras lens and worked as a type of catharsis. During the act of making these intimate portraits I felt a positive internal shift and no longer craved the need to make them.