Jennifer Pattison

Work In Progress

I feel a constant push and pull between intimacy and the need for independence. I grieve for the things I left behind before this fleshy metamorphosis. Motherhood; a precious gift, a magical interruption.
Fragments of myself, past, present and future are glimpsed in close domestic spaces over the last five years.
The work considers metamorphosis, specifically the physical and mental transition from self to mother and beyond. I photograph shared and intimate moments with my daughter, my future.
When life is obsessed by time, progress and milestones my response is to slow it down.
Characterised against a back drop of maternal interruption and feelings of loss for my former self. This project honours my need to make sense of who I am, who I was and where I am going.
Caught between lockdowns I document the passing of time, nature’s cycle, lifelong friends and our growing children. Portraits of mothers-to-be seizing control in a pandemic landscape where so much was lost.
I snatch moments with my camera. I do this by putting others in the frame to act as a mirror in which to see myself. Using the process of making to resolve and confront what is reflected back.