Jennifer Pattison

My dad is one of the most important men in my life. He suffered from acute depression when I was growing up. These images are of the objects that he made during his time in occupational therapy, and feathers that he collected on daily walks to still his mind. They remain on display in his home, albeit a bit dusty - a reminder of a different and for now distant time.

Ceramic Tile
“I benefitted from 3 months of occupational therapy (a god send to me). Pottery was one of the first things I tried. It’s a good feeling to make something when you feel you can do nothing.” Edward Pattison

Who Is That Then?
“I do recognise the odd bit of me. This was quite a challenge. I had to photograph myself in the mirror first--no mean feat.” Edward Pattison

Birds of Many a Feather I
“I collected them all on the South Downs at an area called Bo Peep. My love of walking and nature took me there.” Edward Pattison

Birds of Many a Feather II

Birds of Many a Feather III

Birds of Many a Feather III

That Pot
“That pot happens to be my favourite hand built pot which I made many moons ago”. Edward Pattiso